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11th Alpine Conference

The 11th Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) from the 15th to the 19th September 2019.
The members of the Scientific Committee for this edition include Lucio Frydman, Arno Kentgens and Tatyana Polenova.

List of Talks

The list of speakers is now available online.  On the Program page, you will find the alphabetical list of the speakers who have accepted to give an oral presentation, as well as the title of their talk (the detailed program will not be available before the conference starts).

Registration and abstract submission are now closed !

The registration to the 10th Alpine Conference is now closed, but you can still register on the waiting list. You will be able to validate your registration if a place opens up.

Alpine 10 – On-line registration is opened !

Deadline for registration : 31 May 2017

Alpine 10 – Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce that the following speakers have already accepted to participate: Sharon Ashbrook (St Andrews, UK), Clare Grey (Cambridge, UK), Arno P.M. Kentgens (Nijmegen, NL), Guido Pintacuda (Lyon, F), Tatyana Polenova (Newark, DE), Jeffrey A. Reimer (Berkeley, CA), Chad Rienstra (Urbana, IL), and Robert Tycko (Bethesda, MD).

Alpine 9 – External Lecture

A highlight special lecture will be delivered by Jonathan N. Coleman.

Second Circular

If you would like to receive the second circular and registration form, please send us email.
Organising Committee:

  L. Emsley (Lausanne)
  S. Caldarelli (Marseille)
  A. Lesage (Lyon)
  M. Bardet (Grenoble)
  S. Hediger (Grenoble)
  N. Giraud (Orsay)
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